Long Island Sweet 16 DJ Parties

Long Island Sweet 16 DJs have to be chameleons, at least the goods ones do! We cannot reiterate, how much we believe, that every party is unique. There are plenty of posts on this site, our Hottracxs Facebook page and almost everywhere else you find us, where we mention every party is unique. Sweet 16s are no exception. 

A long Island Sweet 16 is much different than a California Sweet 16. This fact you might already assume. However, what you might not realize is that every sweet 16 on Long Island is of its own brand as well. Sweet 16’s were started in England in the 17th century. It is believed that a girl would become a woman on this day and could possibly be a suitor for a wealthy man. While, in our current day and age, we might thing of a 16 year old girl to be to young to be a suitor for any man, we still party on like it is her actual wedding day.

These parties are a reflection of our sweet 16 of honor. They need to have her unique twist to ensure a successful fun day. Our long island sweet 16 DJs have to really understand her taste of music and style. We recently had two different sweet 16s occurring at the same time. Both parties were wildly different and both were a great success.

One sweet 16 had a playlist of mostly broadway hits and disney sound tracks, along with some of her other favorite artists and songs. We had some dance lighting and a photo booth along with our sweet 16 DJ. Our Long Island Sweet 16 DJ also Emceed the party as well. The DJ played the broadway hits mixed with some of her other favorite songs and the party was an amazing time. All of the guests danced the entire night and created memories that will last a lifetime.

On the other hand, our other Long Island sweet 16 that we were DJing, had an entirely different feel. We designed more of a club atmosphere. This Sweet 16 was held in a popular catering hall in Nassau County. We had our Sweet 16 DJ to focus on beat matching and blending the music while our Sweet 16 Emcee was out on the dance floor, handling introductions and interacting with the guests. Prior to the sweet 16 party, we had our team develop a montage of all of the pictures of our Long Island Sweet 16 girl as she grew up until the current day. We played the montage during dinner on our 50 inch flat screen TVs. While the montage wasn’t playing we had zap shots (or pictures our photographer at the event was taking) and instantly streamed them to the TVs. We also brought out our Photo booth for some photo booth fun.

The music stylings were completely different. Our second Long Island Sweet 16 party wanted all of the latest music, mixed with a little bit of spanish music. Our Long Island Sweet 16 DJ delivered. All of the guests filled the dance floor and the party was a great success.

Hottracxs Entertainment will perform at over 200 Long Island Sweet 16s alone this year. We are always excited to meet with our clients, learn more about their personalities and how we can deliver a great event. We want to know and understand your vision for how you want your super sweet 16 to go, so that our Long Island Sweet 16 DJs can go above and beyond your expectations!

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