Hiring the right Wedding DJ

Where do you start when you are looking for the right wedding DJ. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It can also lead to incredibly stressful planning process. You will have to decide on a catering hall or venue, type of food to be offered, amount of guests to invite (should you allow them to have guests), DJ and event company, flowers, wedding dresses and tuxedos, rings, invitations, photographers and videographers, limos, and the list goes on and on. 

Most brides and grooms have a short deadline to plan and limited budget. Hottracxs Entertainment has in house wedding and event planners that can help guide you through the entire process.

Here are a few tips for Hiring the right Wedding DJ.

1) Ask how long that DJ company has been in business. You want a wedding DJ with experience to be able to read your crowd, mix your music, and keep your guests involved.

2) Will your wedding DJ customize his wedding for you? You have dreamed your entire life about this special wedding day. The DJ will be the one responsible for making that dream a reality when it comes to the music, entertainment, and ambiance. Hottracxs Entertainment will personally sit with you with a guided work sheet prior to your wedding day. We will go over everything from entrances, First Dance, traditional formalities and detailed music selections. This is your wedding day, the wedding DJ should play the songs you want to hear.

3) Has the DJ played at your venue? It is important that a DJ be familiar with a venue, if he has never played there than he should speak to your event coordinator prior to the event. We know there on many venues in Long Island. All have different set-up spacing and policies. It is important that the DJ knows the ins and outs of a space so that he properly prepare for your event.

4) Does your DJ have insurance? This is an important questions, as many catering halls require the wedding DJ to provide it to them prior to playing.

5) Have you seen your DJ perform? It is important to hear how your DJ sounds. Most professional DJ companies do not allow for future brides and grooms visit actual weddings. This is a good sign for the professionalism of the DJ company, as you wouldn’t want strangers intruding on your special day either. The DJ company should provide either showcases, video, or sound clips of their DJ’s. This can help you decide on the talent and the overall look of the different DJ set-ups.

6) Does the wedding DJ offer anything besides just music? Some DJ entertainment companies will be able to offer you additional services for your wedding day. These services can be Emcees, Photo Booths, Dance Lighting, Uplighting, Personalized Gobo Lighting, Party favors, Customized center pieces, Montages, Zap Shots, Photography and more. In most cases it will be less stressful and more affordable for a bride and groom to book multiple services through their wedding DJ. You will have a more organized approach to your complete wedding package. Hottracxs Entertainment offers all of the services above plus some so that we can reduce much of the stress of planning for your wedding.

We have many more tips and tricks for you as well and more will be posted in future blogs.

Long Island Wedding DJ Company. DJ, MC, Photo Booth

Long Island Wedding DJ Company. DJ, MC, Photo Booth